Morning Beat at Left Coast Rebel: In Which the Host Thanks Those that Link the Most


by Sam Foster

LCR just finished one of it's best weeks and it is all thanks to a large number of bloggers who have generously linked us throughout the week. So I've created a new blog list on our side-bar for those that link us during the week in tribute.

I wish we were big enough to send an infinite amount of traffic your way and I will try. So today I'm dedicating this Morning Beat to those bloggers; Robert Stacy McCain via The Other McCain and American Spectator Blog, Doug Ross via Doug Ross @ Journal and Hot Air Greenroom, Professor Jacobson, Labor Union Report via RedState, The Lonely Conservative, Mean Ol' Meany, Gateway Pundit, Allah Pundit via Hot Air, Jazz Shaw via Hot Air, Dan Riehl, American Thinker, Bryan Preston via Pajama's Media and Memeorandum.

Amazingly, Mean Ol' Meany is still sending hits our way, too.

Teh blogosphere:

Doug Ross - Bernanke blames Obama for Fed's failure. Bonus - Government Motors dissected.

Mind Numbed Robot: Helpful TSA hints (and some jokery).

Robert Stacy McCain - "At least the Memeorandum alogrithm doesn't hate me." And, "where are those pictures of Megyn Kelly in GQ?"

More from RSM: TSA: Sexual Assault? Bonus - more on this at Gateway Pundit.

Hot Air: Condescension from the usual suspect.

No Sheeples Here: Photo of the day, (seriously, when it comes down to it, isn't that all we truly want out of life?)

No Sheeples Here: Bitchcakes!

Donald Douglas: Spain "Orgasm Video" is actually Catalan Socialist Party Propaganda, (ironic because there is no post-coital in socialism).

Hot Air Pundit: "Yes We Can" = "Yes We Did in November, 2010." Huh?

Cubachi: If Bristol Palin wins Dancing With the Stars, the show is forever ruined. More on this from Sisu, too.

Zip: Obama's Beast of a Limo. Also at Zip, Bad news for Mad-Max Maxine Waters?

Bill in a Bungalow: Classic Socialist American Government FAIL: Yellowstone would fail EPA "standards."

Grandpa John brings us the latest cover of Newsweek Newspeak:

Various Weekend Sundries:

The hidden costs of TSA love pats.

Dear Leader cites Reagan in pushing Russian Arms

Off the charts Libtard-dar reading in the distance: Yglesias takes on Social Security Trust Fund.

Pope on Condoms
. Well, not literally.

Hanoi Jane goes pinup at 72

Mobama and her 5000 salad bars.

Wesley Sniped.

Beyonce Furred.

In Pictures - Boston Celtics' Kevin Garnett's skull lump. Bonus - Video:

From the Random File:

Fingernail head?

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