Morning Beat at Left Coast Rebel: In which we promise not to feel up your junk edition


By Sam Foster

For the TSA, even the blogosphere's junk is up for grabs:

Don't "touch my junk" guy breaks silence.

If Soros can make money from crashing economies, he can make money off of grabbing junk.

No Pilot molestation

Hot from the blogs:

Tea Partier Leftwing nut job goes on an anti-Semitic tirade.

Some farcical incoherence from Europe.

Olbermann's got a point?

Palin is a Lesser Woman?

Nothing says Paul Krugman like a photo-op of Krugman and piles of printed money. And how about Krugman approved death panels?

In case you missed it, Flag Boy has more courage than our own president and was rewarded with an Honor Guard. One of Flag Boy's biggest supporters? Afghanistan.

In the News:

In CA, illegal immigrants have the right to taxpayer funded college education.

In Georgia, illegal immigrants need not serve jail time for breaking the law.

Do Apples eat Beatles or is it the other way around?

Congressional Black Caucus says 'no' to Pelosi, for now.

Tolerant Muslims burn homes of Christians in Egypt, press silent, for the most part.


  1. Isn't American great....about 50-years ago.

    Here in Georgia, an illegal alien law breaker is allowed to stay via the federal government to finish college. Yep, rewarding those who break laws, while punishing those who produce.

  2. CS - If only I could get a free college education in Canada, I wouldn't be burdened with all these responsibilities like mountains of college debt.


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