Morning Beat at the Left Coast Rebel: Friday Pandemonium Edition


by Sam Foster

Cornucopia of teh blogs:

Doug Ross - Marching
to the beat of change: More on Obama's civilian task force.

Doug Ross - Fire. Apartment. Thomas Friedman's Utopia?

RSM - TMZ - Meet the Presidency. Also, awesome fireworks!

AP - Not a fan of Ron Paul? Also, his students have been discussing naked scanners.

Mind Numbed Robot - Quack-quackin' all the way to an FDA lame duck power grab?

Legal Insurrection - Another Obama manufactured 'crisis'. Also, Alan Grayon Poups-on Republicans?

Pundit and Pundette - Pence no fence-sitter on Planned Parenthood.

Courtesy of Granpa John's:

Check out other Grandpa John stuff.

Maggie's Notebook - Missiles, shipping boxes and scary stuff.

No Sheeples - Spooky Dude isn't just pissing into the breeze. Also, a 25 foot Pelosi? That's scary.

Lonely Conservative - National Socialists get together and talk about their Democrat party. Also, a question: If you give a statist an inch.....

The Classic Liberal - TSA harasses cancer patient. Also, Libertarian Jackboots.

Mean ol' Meany - Democrat party - I see ghosts (and envy). (NSFW)

War Planner - Can I has a spoon? I can fix that!

Proof Positive - Hillary Watch. Literally.

Weird, it's Friday Pandemonium!:

CNBC - 1 in 5 Americans mentally ill. That explains voting patterns of a certain group, no?

Drudge - Black-Friday-Family, already camping?

Reuters - Laugh out loud every time Dear Leader says we 'recouped our investment' in GM.

Breitbart - Chinese human rights?

Yahoo - How much does a human brain weigh? The Jerry Maguire kid all-growed-up!

Yahoo - Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows' Reviews: Critics Love It!

Yahoo - Stonehenge heads to the salon.


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