Morning Beat at Left Coast Rebel: the boss is on vacation edition


by Sam Foster

Hot off the blogs:

Doug Ross: Cyberbomb Stuxnet...five cool things about the atom bomb of cyberwarfare.

Sara in Italy: The entire touching junk story complete with videos and bumper stickers

The Other McCain: Obama as the ancient Hindu god of destruction

American Power: SNL does TSA

...because sometimes ranting is fun to read.

Legal Insurrection: The reverse Cloward-Piven? I call it desperation! Denis the Peasant Dare not call it thinking!

Pundit & Pundette: Obama now weak on domestic policy as well. Relates well with what I wrote earlier.

BBCW: TSA boldly goes where government has never gone before

Voice of the Resistance:
As Euro falls apart UK wants in

No Sheeples Here: A bit about unfriending

In the News:

NY Times
: Government a little over concerned with the sale of the left's patented echo-chamber.

ABC Chicago: Terrorists talk mail bomb strategy

Top of the Ticket: Biden's getting his 68 on

Israel and Palestine blame Obama

NY Times: Whatever became of the Bell, CA politicians making six figures part-time?

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