Morning Beat at Left Coast Rebel: Back into retirement Barbara Bush Edition

Image courtesy of Mako Snark

by Sam Foster

Teh blogosphere:

The Other McCain:
Real copies of Palin lawsuit against Gawker? We got 'em!

Riehl World View
: If they were smart, they'd probably just shut up.

American Power:
...and why Palin is electable.

Legal Insurrection: Shocker: leftwing blogger plays victim card

TSA: Don't look at us, the government made us!

Doug Ross:
Dem's give SEIU employees raise, then propose wage freeze for military

Lonely Conservative:
Union Exec: Now that I make half a million, time for shared sacrifice

Sister Toldjah: Back before the EPA was more powerful than the legislature

iOwnTheWorld: NJ teacher's union apologizes?

Caught Him With a Corndog:
It's like you can't even own a gun legally in NJ without being arrested.

Fisherville Mike: Public's opinion of government came be summed up in three; Post Office, IRS and TSA.

Chuck on the Right Side:
Michael Savage interviews congressman-elect Allen West

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