More on Labels and Terms

by Les Carpenter
Rational Nation USA

Reflection combined with continued study is the attribute of an open mind. It often results in the affirmation of long held beliefs and values. Occasionally such introspection and study results in one rethinking, or reevaluating their position. This process when done honestly and without preconceived basis will result in growth and a greater understanding. It most certainly requires "thinking outside the box."

I have been for the better part of thirty plus years a self avowed independent conservative. I don't rightly know if I can lay claim to the label, but if you believe Truth 101 I guess I did.

My point is that I am truly an independent conservative. Perhaps I came up with the term because at my core I am a fervent admirer of the great minds that spawned the Enlightenment and the Age of Reason. Our Founding Fathers were the product of this Age of Enlightenment and Reason.

I recently posted on the similarities of Classical Liberalism and Conservatism. Following that post, along with  continued thought and research, I more than ever believe that TRUE conservatism is closely aligned with Classical Liberalism.

Today, in the pursuit of open mindedness and positive discourse I offer up yet a new and revolutionary label, are you ready? The Independent Conservative and Classical Liberal. If the idealogical fanatics on both sides of the political divide can put aside petty differences it is possible this heretofore great nation can accomplish the resolution of our shared national problems. If not we can look forward to further decline, greater divisiveness, and possibly great civil unrest. How this nation handles the future in the near term will effectively determine our long term survival.

To conservatives soon to take the reigns of power in Congress... It is time to act as our Classical Liberal Founding Fathers did. If you fail to do so... I leave the ending up to your imagination.

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