Los Angeles Food Stylist Adam C. Pearson Pulled from Weekend Delta Flight for 'Atom Bomb' Knuckle Tattoo

by the Left Coast Rebel

Can I see a raise of hands for anyone that thinks flying is even worth it any more? I can't wait to see what happens when I fly out this Thursday for Thanksgiving on the East Coast.

I'm pondering something.

One of my favorite shirts depicts a bullseye on the back and "America Capitalist" on the front, signifying the 'target' that American capitalists are. It was sent to me by Fox News' Jonathan Hoenig (thanks a bunch, Jonathan and keep up the great work spreading the message of liberty!).

Seriously, though, I wonder what would happen if I wore that shirt at the San Diego airport (the same airport that Oceanside's John Tyner exposed the TSA two days ago) this week as I head out? I mean, I am tempted to do it and capture it all on tape, if anything were to happen (Mrs. LCR notwhithstanding).

On this note, noted eccentric L.A. "food stylist" Adam Pearson was pulled off a flight on Saturday due to complaint regarding his "atom bomb" tattoos etched across both of his hands (picture, left). How ludicrous is this?:

(LAT) Los Angeles food stylist Adam C. Pearson was settling into his seat aboard a Delta flight Saturday morning when the flight attendant tapped him on the shoulder and asked him to come to the front of the plane. His first thought? "I'm getting an upgrade!"

Not exactly.

Pearson was temporarily asked to step off the plane and learned that another passenger had reported him for suspicious behavior, and noted that he had the words "Atom Bomb" tattooed across his fingers. Questioned by the captain and the flight attendant, Pearson explained that the tattoos referred to a childhood nickname. After answering a few more questions, Pearson -- who is a frequent Delta passenger and has flown over 142,000 miles with the airline this year alone -- was allowed to return to his seat.

"I was just shocked," Pearson said. "All eyes were on me, I felt everyone staring at me and I was like, 'I didn't do anything.' "


  1. When tattoos are outlawed, only outlaws will have tattoos!

  2. The Bullseye Shirt would be a great idea. But just don't don those I heart TSA panties in the earlier post, I don't wan't to see that thing going viral all over the web!

  3. Proof - Once again, great insight!

    Barrell - No worries my friend, not going to happen ;)


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