Kristina B Ross of Idaho arrested for tricking women into breast exams at bar

By Sam Foster

I call this headline an attention-getter; no doubt there are some guys out there who believe it is educational.  

Via the AP:

Police arrested a woman in Idaho's capital city after they say she impersonated a plastic surgeon and conducted breast exams on at least two women in local bars.

Kristina B. Ross was arrested Tuesday and jailed on accusations of unlicensed practice of medicine.

It all started earlier this month, when Boise police were called to a downtown medical office by employees of a licensed plastic surgeon.

Police say the office was getting calls from prospective patients who wanted to see a Dr. Berlyn Aussieahshowna. But no doctor by that name worked at the office.

Police got contact information for the women who had called, interviewed them - and then identified the 37-year-old Ross, who isn't licensed to practice medicine.

The police believe that there might be more women who were assaulted, although far fewer groping complaints than the women stepping out of airports.

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  1. She wasn't doing anything the TSA does, so does that mean TSA agents are practicing medicine without a license or are they just gropers? Only the Supreme Court can decide with the insane rules we have now a days.


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