KOGO's Chris Reed on Reason.tv: Have California Democrats Turned Their Backs On Social Justice?

by the Left Coast Rebel

Chris Reed is a great a.m. talk show host here in San Diego with a clear libertarian-centered take on local and national politics. I try to check in as often as I can during commutes as he comes from a great knowledge base concerning the perpetual cluster-fark that is the Golden State's body politic.

He sat down with Reason.tv to talk about the Democratic party's stranglehold on the state:

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  1. I'm so glad he addressed California's energy issues and the onerous environmental rules that are driving up the cost of living and doing business in California.

    In California, energy and environmentalism are inextrably linked because the energy policymaking bureaucracy is controlled and staffed by hardcore environmentalists. They really do care more about fish than about people, as the Central Valley farmers learned when their water supply was cut off in order to protect the Delta Smelt.

    The environmentalists have figured out a way to co-opt minority communities into supporting Green Energy initiatives: portray energy policy as a jobs program. Take $2 billion from California ratepayers via fine-print surcharges on their electric bills to fund a pet project subsidizing solar panels for wealthy Green hobbyists, but get minority buy-in by promising to train "communities of color" to install the solar panels.

    Customers' energy bills are outrageous because the bureaucrats' focus is not on the customers' interests, but on what they believe to be the best interests of Mother Earth. Raise a cost issue during a meeting, and the response is "and how much will it cost if we bequeath a dying planet to our children?"

    Um, sorry for the rant, but this state is driving me crazy.

  2. My mother is mystified as to why I'm so desparate to get out of this state. This video clip could had been summed by me, but he does it far better.

  3. What's wrong with this guy?! He makes too much sense! We can't have that in Cali now can we...


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