Kate Middleton Engaged to Prince Williams, Kate Middleton Bikini Pics

by the Left Coast Rebel

One of the biggest searches today is "Kate Middleton Bikini Pictures." For those unaware, Kate Middleton and England's Prince Williams just got engaged and will wed next year. Big whoop-dy-doo, right? Regardless, Googlers apparently are curious about, a). whether Kate Middleton is hot or not and, b). what Kate Middleton looks like in a bikini.

At this point, Robert Stacy McCain is probably searching for a "Kate Middleton Sex tape," doing service to Rule 5 of "How to get a million hits..."

Obvisously, Prince Williams would not get engaged to a girl anything short of a 'perfect ten' and these pictures of Kate Middleton in a bikini (and one in jeans) seem to confirm just that:





UPDATED: Click here to see the one and only Kate Middleton upskirt photo!


  1. The yellow bikini is a photo shop. She is beautiful, I hope they have a happy life together, she's not a celebrity whore. No photo shop or related tripe, please.

  2. Shes pretty. showing boobs/nipples.... still a whore.


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