Just Plain Smart: When to lie on your blog


By Sam Foster

Sometimes lying and being married will get you divorced. Sometimes lying is essential to avoid divorce. It's all a matter of why and when it's done. It's not all that different with blogging.

I could do up a post claiming to have interviewed Obama's grandma and in said interview, reported that she confessed Obama was born on Mars. Then wrap up a post in a catchy headline and photo shop picture, and send it off to Glenn Reynolds for an easy 5 to 6 digit gain to my hit counter. The problem is that if the truth were ever revealed that Obama was instead born on the much further away Pluto (come on, it's more likely) then what are my odds at repeat Instapundit linkage? I can assure you that you might as well change your handle and start a new blog.

The idiots question is why? Because blogging and gaining trust from other bloggers (particularly big ones) has a lot to do with credibility. Getting linked on false information makes you look like an idiot to those who are doing you a favor in linking and so being truthful is important to blogging.

The funny thing, is being truthful on your blog is not always the preferable option. Breaking news for a link from the big boys is kind of like getting into the mob. They'll vouch for you, but screw up and you get whacked. However, there are blog readers out there that it is not only ok to lie to, but it would actually be a good idea to do so otherwise they'd never read your stupid blog. Those readers are the ever expendable Google searchers.

For Google searcher it is mutually understood between blogger and reader that the relationship is a one night stand. They are trolling the club of the blogosphere for a quick and easy catch. They are users, not loyal partners. Since they don't plan on coming back, why not seduce them into the back alley and rob 'em blind?

Take mean 'ol meany.

Today it was announced that Prince William and Kate Middleton were going to be married. Left Coast Rebel brilliantly sprung into action snagging picks of Kate Middleton in a bikini. It was clever, but honest…we got the pics right here. You know what's better though? Nude pictures of Kate Middleton!

Wait you say, "I've been looking all day and can't find any…" To my knowledge, no such pictures exist, but that didn't stop mean 'ol meany from writing about it in a dishonest but truly memorable act of Rule Five. Even better, mean 'ol meany used LCR as a link for said nonexistent photos.

He must be getting a million hits because the links are rolling into LCR and I must admit that I'm taken aback from the sheer brilliance of mean 'ol meany's guile.

Tonight, I'm tipping a beer back in reverence to our beneficiary while spilling the beans on when to lie on your blog; because you need to use those sleazy google searchers or they will use you.


  1. I prefer integrity... If I wanted lies, I would watch msnbc.

  2. Brilliant post! Mean 'ol meanie's post was genius but as you say, not honest so I wouldn't have done it.

    But I commend him for doing it! If you Google "Kate Middleton Nude" his site is right at the top.

  3. 8200 hits and counting. Also, when you use the Lying Lowlife (yes, my personal brand) method of traffic generation, it helps to link every prior post where you did the same thing but with different lies. You keep your visit link up and receive plenty of hits on the other pages.

    Of course, those folks rarely return.

    For "kate middleton nude," I am number two on Teh Google and number six on Wikio.


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