Her Last Name is McCain, After all

by the Left Coast Rebel

Recall my recent post on Cindy McCain in what may have seemed a somewhat ancillary issue, her support of the "NoH8/anti-bullying" campaign and her recent appearance in the group's PSA:

Why am I revisiting this issue? Well, it seems the nuptial apple doesn't fall far from the tree, Cindy McCain just tweeted this:

Uh, really? Cindy McCain appears in a PAC that obviously supports DADT repeal and then walks it back after taking a little heat (or perhaps getting too much attention) and says that she supports her husband's stance on DADT?

Two-faced hypocrisy on that level sounds a lot like a stunt John McCain would pull.

John and Cindy are made for each other. Remember this from John? And, recently, this?:

Via Memeorandum.

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