Graphic Government Warnings: TSA Edition

Earlier this month, the Feds took warning labels to a higher level of intensity with graphic propaganda designed to scare the nicotine addiction out of smokers. Good luck with that!

In response, bloggers produced warnings designed to alert Americans to the dangers of the Federal Government and to caution voters on the perils of voting for Democrats. (Check out Doug Ross's creations.)

This week, TSA ushered in a brave new world of government paternalism with a stubborn commitment to expensive and unpopular "naked scan" airport screening technology. The new machines promise to make professional lobbyists and their friends in Congress very happy and make the Fourth Amendment obsolete. This calls for a new batch of government warnings. Maybe this one should come with each purchase of a commercial airline ticket:

John Tyner became an instant folk hero when he warned Big Brother not to touch his "junk" at the airport. The TSA responded by telling Tyner, "By buying your ticket you gave up a lot of rights." Rather than submit, Tyner went home.

Now Tyner faces an $11,000 fine for embarrassing the TSA by posting a recording of the conversation on YouTube.

Muslim terrorists undoubtedly reacted to the plans for widespread use of naked scans by solidifying plans for rectal bombs.

Update: Expect no mercy.

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