Fog over NY-25 absentee count clears and Ann Marie Buerkle emerges as likely winner

By Sam Foster

It's nearly a "mathematical certainty" according to a spokeperson associated with Ann Marie Buerkle's campaign. Thanks to a recanvass of Wayne County and the final absentee count in Onondaga County. Dan Maffei has little chance in erroding Ann Marie Buerkle's lead.

According to CNY, Dan Maffei did win Onondaga County, the portion of NY-25 with the largest number of absentee votes (about 6,300). According to reports, Dan Maffei picked up 557 votes against Ann Marie, but Buerkle's lead was too much. She had 824 votes over Dan Maffei going into the count today and a recanvass of Wayne County moved an additional 144 votes into Buerkles column. She now leads by 411.

The counting is not complete however, Wayne County still needs to finish their absentee count. However, the area is a Buerkle strong hold that she carried by a 25 point margin on election night. Dan Maffei would need to win by 83% of the vote.

Burkle hasn't yet claimed victory, but its pretty much a formality at this point given the deficit Maffei is facing. In short, Ann Marie Buerkle has just emerged victorious in NY-25.

Update x1:

Headline from Buerkle's Campaing? "Buerkle's Lead Can't Be Beat"

Update x2:

Expert Blogger and political writer
Buerkle's win makes "most Republican congress since 1949"

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  1. Okay, does that make a gain of 63 Republicans now?

  2. It's 241 seats thus far...don't know what the flip count is.

  3. I really hope he doesn't demand a full recount and drag this out until Christmas!

  4. It's 240 now, Ann would be 241, and Blake Farenthold looks solid as well for 242. Randy Altschuler has a very slim lead with votes still being counted, and the California Republicans look like lost causes.

  5. That means a total pick-up now of 63 seats counting Farenthold. It might be 64?

    Dudes, that's a total friggin' wipe-out!!


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