Election Night: Final Thoughts

With 60+ losses for the Democratic party in the House and 6+ losses for the Dems in the Senate, I'd say it was a pretty good night for Obama's enemies. However...

The MSM and milquetoast Republicans would like to blame the Tea Party movement for the GOP's failure to reclaim the Senate (as if the GOP ever had a good chance). Reminder: In the 2006 and 2008 elections, the GOP lost control of the House, the Senate and the White House without any help from the Tea Party. Last night, in the wake of the lightning speed of the Tea Party movement's influence, the GOP made respectable gains in the Senate and bounced all the way back from its cumulative four-year losses in the House ― and yet somehow we're supposed to believe the Tea Party is getting in the way?

Taking the past decade into consideration, the Republican Party really has no business blaming anyone other than itself for its current problems.

Update: The conservative movement is back & growing

BTW, this was the biggest midterm "wave election" since 1938! This was a tsunami.

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  1. Elections. Yes, I'm pleased with what conservatives have taken back, but I am dismayed that Reid, Boxer, Frank, and The CA MoonBat have retained power.

    We Cannot Go Back! I am going to watch the Republicans closely. And I am going to do all I can to call out the MSM, which represents the collective cesspool of Marxism in this country.


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