Disgusting but not in the least Surprising

by the Left Coast Rebel

Nothing from the left on the internet surprises me anymore.

It's almost like the nightly news' constant portrayal of urban violence and gutter-level human behavior, night after night, day after day, year after year - eventually a process of desensitization sets in and one hardly even notices the immorality, inhumanity, incessant breakdown of basic, once-common values that take place.

Like I said, nothing from the left, on the net, surprises me. I've frankly seen so much from this crowd that it makes me question my ability to live in the same society as them. A chasm of everything that I value in life separates me from them, irreconcilable differences.

Case in point, a message from Lisa that points to this, blogging at Being an American Mom:

Hey LCR,

A couple friends posted this on FB this week and it just disgusts me and I was wondering if you'd seen it. These friends are definite liberals, but I just wanted to write on their wall, could this be any more racist? Who says that any objection conservatives have with Obama has to do with his race? Oh that's right, liberals are the ones that bring it up. Makes me so mad. THEY bring race into the equation, not conservatives.

Its just another example of the huge hypocrisy out there. All their friends seemed to think it was so clever and funny. I found it insulting and indicative of what they really think.

Here is the Facebook object that Lisa is speaking of:

I'm glad that you haven't seen what I have, Lisa. For this pales in comparison. And yes - it is disgusting but not in the least surprising.


  1. I know several self-described liberals who truly are open-minded, but if I was to label them I would classify these folks as more libertarian than liberal. Many, if not most, of the hardcore liberals that I have met in my life are extremely intolerant. One great example that I read today was from a post on Soundpolitics.com. Check out the link below to a story out of Evergreen State College up here in the Seattle area. This school is well known for its extreme liberal leanings


  2. I don't even get angry at this stuff. In my view, these attempts to shove all the blame on Bush speaks very eloquently to the delusions under which the left willingly - even enthusiastically - live their lives.

    Who can forget the outrage of the left to the PATRIOT ACT - an equally evil affront to liberty TODAY as it was when it was passed under Bush - yet we hear NONE of that outrage today, because, well, their man god is perfectly content to have it in his arsenal to use against whomever he might find it useful, presumably even domestic critics.

    It may well be that at a deep subconscious level many Lefties have an inchoate sense that they BLEW IT going with Obama, but their fragile sense of self-worth compels them stick with their bad choice much as a woman suffering spousal abuse too often sticks by her abuser.

  3. Wow you still have lib friends on facebook. Most of mine removed my from their friends list because of the offensive things I post (not on their wall but my own). You know horrible things like we need to get of social security. So much for open minded liberals.

  4. Ha ha. Yeah I had to basically stop posting political stuff on FB, because it was pissing people off. Now I keep it to my blog for the most part... or my husband gets an earful. ;)

    Thanks for sharing LCR...

  5. To the scum who populate the left, there is nothing even remotely interesting about Brakabama other than what color he looks.

    They are racist vermin. May they rot.

  6. @Trestin-- I was "unfriended" by a lib relative on FB who was complaining that "you Christians are so intolerant" of Obama. She subsequently removed me from her list because of my "unloving and intolerant" political comments. How very intolerant of her....


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