Democrats, Please take the Advice of Alicia Keys

by the Left Coast Rebel

Again, Democrats, please, please, please, take this advice:

Tea partiers, libertarians and conservatives - GOTV!


  1. we are voting for a president on Nov 4th?
    golly gee ma'am talk about reheated left overs

  2. Heh. Is it OK to admit that I secretly crank her song "No One" when I'm alone in the car sometimes?

    I'm usually listening to metal (Redemption, All That Remains, Dream Theater) but my collection is vast and when her album comes up in the random playlist I usually crank it...not sure why.

    Also...she's a member of a very specific troika along with Mel B. (from the Spice Girls) and Hally Barre.

    I'm pathetic, I know this.

  3. Oh, LCR, I laughed and laughed at this. You Dems out there, be sure to vote on November 4.....

  4. That's hilarious!

    And Dems think the conservatives are stupid....

  5. I guess u didnt like my comment,LOL

  6. Sorry to burst bubbles, but the video is from 2008, it's time stamped here


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