Democrat Gerry Connolly emerges victorious over Keith Fimian in VA-11; still 8 races up for grabs

By Sam Foster

While the national news is fixated on where the political course of Washington DC is headed, I want to remind everyone that there are still a lot of closely contested races out there.  I've been keen on following NY-1 and NY-25 and will assure you that these races are far from over.  In fact, as is the case with Dan Maffei, the incumbents are flailing in desperation.  So whether I can entice some interest by holding up a Democrat dangling on the precipice of political destruction or inform you as to where the Big Red Wave will crest, I hope you'll read our coverage and continue to support these candidates.

With that said, NRO is reporting some sad news in VA-11 where Republican challenger Keith Fimian has conceded to Democrat Gerry Connolly.  

One week after the election, the bad news for Republicans this morning: In Virginia's 11th Congressional District, the outer suburbs of Washington D.C., Keith Fimian is conceding defeat to Democrat incumbent Gerry Connolly. He is not seeking a recount; the current count shows Fimian trailing by 981 votes, or four tenths of one percent of all votes cast.

This still leaves 8 other races still being contested.  Republicans are leading in most of them.


Karen at Lonely Conservate has some outstanding coverage of Dan Maffei's legal shenanagans in the NY-25 race. Please check it out!

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  1. Yes, lucky me. I was really hoping Fimian was going to pull it off. But the districts in Northern Virginia are designed that republicans have little chance. NOVA is progressive central. I can't imagine that we won't be getting an additional district after the census this year. This area is growing in leaps and bounds. I just hope that they make them more fair so we have a shot at getting the progressives out. Fimian is just too conservative for this district.


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