Death Threats Over Denair Flag Incident?

By Proof

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DENAIR, Calif. -- A Denair Unified School District employee reported receiving death threats following national media coverage of a recent American flag ban story.

The employee did not wish to be identified but said ever since the school district made national news because of the recent flag flap, teachers and school administrators have been threatened.

"From the teachers, I know they are taking precautions," the employee said. "I know police have been involved. They are doing safety measures."

KCRA 3 was the first to break the story on 13-year-old Cody Alicea who was told last week that he couldn't fly an American flag on the back of his bicycle while on school grounds because of what school officials called "safety concerns" of racial tension created on Cinco de Mayo.

There is obviously no place for death threats in civil discourse. Excuse my cynicism, but if indeed these threats took place, I would not automatically assign them to any particular ideology. Unbalanced people and liars come in all varieties. I will reserve judgment until there is evidence to corroborate the claims.

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