Courts rule on disputed ballots in NY-25; Ann Marie picks up another 95 votes and now leads Dan Maffei by 824 votes

By Sam Foster

I've been keeping a keen eye on this race.  I hope to hear what the total count is in Wayne County's absentee count that started yesterday.  I suspect we won't hear anything until tomorrow though.  Onondaga County also started counting absentees today.  The results will likely take many days to emerge.

However, Ann Marie Buerkle and Dan Maffei did battle it out in court over some 200 absentee's that Dan Maffei disputed from Monroe County.  The judge has aloud many of them to be counted boosting Ann Marie Buerkle's lead to 824 votes.

Via Democrat and Chronicle:

Ann Marie Buerkle widedned her lead by an additional 95 votes today after Monroe County absentee ballots were opened.

The ballots were opened in a courthouse in Onondaga County after a judge ruled that because the ballots did not have specific objections, he had nothing to rule on.

Buerkle is now 824 votes ahead of her opponent Rep. Dan Maffei, a Democrat.

State Supreme Court Justice Brian DeJoseph in Syracuse ordered today that about 230 absentee ballot envelopes objected to in Monroe County be opened.

The ballots are part of the ongoing count in the tight race in the 25th Congressional District between Maffei, D-DeWitt, Onondaga County, and Buerkle of Onondaga Hill, Onondaga County.

Until Wayne County is counted, it is difficult to speculate.  However, with every vote gain by Buerkle sends the potential for a Dan Maffei come back further out of reach.  At over 820 votes Dan Maffei will need to win Onondaga County by about 15%, despite the ballots leaning Republican.

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