Can Obama the Ideologue Compromise?

by Les Carpenter
Rational Nation USA

Barrack Hussein Obama has been in office for nearly two years. During this time the Chief Executive Officer of the nation has shown little if any inclination to compromise.

He is an ideologue, not a pragmatist. Certainly he sees himself as the Savior in Chief and any deviation from his agenda will likely be considered intolerable by him. He certainly is no Bill Clinton, a president who was insightful and deft enough to actually work with some of the Republican's agenda in the 1990s, such as welfare reform.

Obama is no Bill Clinton.

Obama wants to extend and make permanent the Bush era tax cuts for those making $250,000 a year or less and end the cuts for those earning over that amount. Republicans and conservatives are in favor of extending the cuts across the board. Congress must act before January 1st or the cuts expire.

Here is what the President said:

Obama noted the importance of extending the tax cuts in the lame-duck session, but focused the address on digging in against the full extension sought by Republicans and some Democrats.

"If Congress doesn’t act by New Year’s Eve, middle-class families will see their taxes go up starting on New Year’s Day," he warned.

Again America loses, the message is clear from Obama - either we extend the tax credits as *I* see fit or the entirety of the nation will see their taxes go up.

Bravo mister Chief Executive, sure looks like you are in the compromising mood.

It's going to be another very long two years I fear. Neither side is apparently capable of finding solutions to some very major problems.

Compromise is a two way street. Sometimes it must begin with the leader. Are you up to the challenge Mr. President?

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  1. Obama's idea of compromise has always been..."I won, deal with it." What he wants is for the Republicans to be conciliatory and go along with his agenda.

  2. Obama is a half-term president. He just hasn't figured it out yet.

    In his radio address he asked for "compromise" but he offered ZERO. He didn't flinch from his prior position.

    Obama's idea of compromising is YOU compromising your principles.

    Obama's idea of reaching across the aisle was locking Republicans out of the room. Now his compromise is to start listening, but completely ignoring them.

  3. trinity29 - Well stated and right on the mark.

  4. Nick Rowe - For all Obama's raw intellect he is severely lacking in that which makes an effective leader.

    It is called WISDOM. It is extremely doubtful he will recognize this given his superiority complex.

  5. Obama isn't going to compromise on anything. Obama's idea of compromise is to take only 80% of what he wants. He never gives an inch.

    If the GOP and Obama come to an agreement on anything, it will be only in those areas where the GOP cooperates with Obama's radical agenda. Better to get nothing done over the next 2 years than to continue the lurch to the left.

  6. Obama is a recalcitrant ideologue incapable of recognizing why he just got his butt handed to him. He thinks that the election results are all due to a big communication problem.

    I hope Obama sticks to his guns. It will keep the rest of the nation focused on why he must be defeated.

  7. Raw intellect?

    Normally I would give credit for intellect to anyone who got into and graduated from Harvard, but it's obvious he was an AA admit.

    I've never heard him say anything remarkably intelligent or remotelt intellectual.

    At most, he's probably had one or two principles of economics courses if any at all. He knows nothing about the military. He knows nothing about business.

    He knows nothing about finance, chemistry, physics, medicine, engineering, mathematics, or computer science.

    He's demonstrated little to no knowledge of history or philosophy.

    He was a Poli Sci major with a law degree. He never practiced law. He taught law, but he was a non tenure track lecturer who never published in a peer reviewed journal.

    When faced with a question about whether human rights (not life) begins at birth, he couldn't even give a cogent answer according to case law.

    No, I don't consider him an intellectual or even particularly bright. I don't consider him any more articulate than anyone who got an A in a college Speech class.

    And, No, he doesn't have any experience either. He's the least qualified person to ever become president. I could name 100 democrats I'd prefer as president, and another 100 who I wouldn't want as president but who are smarter and more experienced than him.

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  9. So we all agree he should be easily defeated in 2012 then.

    However, I advise not to get all cock sure over the impending conservative takeover.

    Remember 1996.

    I rest my case fellow conservatives.

  10. Obama does not posess a particularly superior intellect, but he his exceptionally cunning. He surrounds himself with those of the same ilk. He is well schooled in the "Chicago way" of community organizing but lacked any executive experience. This is partly why is failing.

    Conservative must be on their guard because these snakes, though wounded, are far from dead and have plenty of venom left.


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