NY-25 descends into legal frenzy as judge opens votes to Florida style count in Maffei/Buerkls race

By Sam Foster

Via the Post-Standard:

The undecided race for the 25th Congressional District seat intensified Monday when a judge ruled that both campaigns may inspect all of the roughly 11,000 applications for absentee ballots submitted for the election.

Those inspections could result in challenges to some of the ballots seen as critical in determining the winner of the Nov. 2 election.

With just 684 votes separating U.S. Rep. Dan Maffei and Republican challenger Ann Marie Buerkle, the candidates have developed their own post-campaign strategies that are focused on the legal issues of counting absentees and recounting other votes.
Lawyers for Maffei, D-DeWitt, set the stage for a Florida-style recount Monday by seeking a court order that could have elections officials recounting each paper ballot by hand. If the four counties in the 25th District are ordered by state Supreme Court Justice Brian DeJoseph to do such a manual recount of the paper ballots scanned by voting machines, the process could last until December, county elections officials said.

There is a lot more going on than just the snippet I provided. Most of the recanvassing for NY-25 will begin today. The recanvassing of Cayuga County last week provided a net gain of 25 votes for Buerkle. Also, absentee counts will begin tomorrow in Cayuga County with their 123 returned ballots, Monroe County to begin counting on Friday and Wayne and Onondaga will commence on Nov. 17th.

However, what was most interesting is how Dan Maffei seems to be walking back his campaign's boast of an effort to contact absentee voters in an scheme to disqualify votes. LCR and Lonely Conservative reported on the scam yesterday, when the Maffei campaign had no reservations about applauding their questionable behavior. The Post-Standard reports a much different tone.

Buerkle suggested the reason for the effort could be to try to disqualify those who cast absentee ballots for her. Maffei’s campaign declined to discuss the effort.
It could just be the Post-Standard trying to give the Maffei campaign some cover or it could be that the Maffei campaign realized their hand was in the voter’s cookie jar. This certainly won’t stop Maffei from unethically calling voters, but it may be an indication that the Maffei campaign is taking serious public heat for it.

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  1. Have you read the comments on the local news sites? The comments in favor of Maffei are few and far between. I can't wait until this is over. I just don't trust the guy. Remember, he also ran on the WFP (ACORN) line. We all know what they're known for.


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