Liberal Civil War Breaks Out on MSNBC; Progressive Glenn Greenwald vs. ‘Socialist’ Lawrence O’Donnell

by the Left Coast Rebel

Tasty, tasty indeed. More entertaining than a cockfight (and in many ways, very similar). Via Breitbart, Memeorandum:

I am looking forward to infighting and teeth-gnashing between the extremist, neo-communist American left for the foreseeable future, after Tuesday's "No to American decline!" election......

Updated: Professor Jacobson ponders a question in relation to the MSNBC cockfight:

Once again I have a seemingly unsolvable dilemma. If "the enemy of my enemy is my friend," which one of these guys has to be my friend?

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  1. Cock fight? more like a bunch of hens cackling... But still great entertainment... My evening beers are mixed with glee! hehehe


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