Breaking News: Randy Altschuler camp reports that Democrat Tim Bishop is down by over 300 in NY-1

By Sam Foster

Amazing! NY has not one but two races that are too close to call and Republicans are slightly ahead in those races.

I updated the situation in NY-25 earlier today. After a full count of Wayne County, Ann Marie Buerkle pulled ahead of incumbent Dan Maffei by nearly 700 votes. Today, her lead increased by 25 votes. Meanwhile, Democrat Maffei is looking for a legal team.

I've also reported that despite AP calling the race for incumbent Tim Bishop in NY-1 who led the initial count by 3,000, Randy Altschuler was holding out for an absentee ballot count. Now it appears that the race has flipped. Maggie Haberman at Politico is reporting that recanvassing has flipped the race in favor of Republican Randy Altschuler by a little more than 300:

Altschuler spokesman Rob Ryan says the number is 392 and that it was the number their campaign lawyer received from the Board of Elections.

I haven't heard back yet from the BoE or Bishop's camp.

A bit more: Apparently Altschuler's team asked to have the machine votes impounded this morning. One veteran Long Island watcher writes in that the machines weren't expected to be recanvassed until next week.

UPDATEx2: Reid Epstein reached former Bishop aide and Brookhaven Democratic committee member Jon Schneider, who's still close to the congressman, who confirmed the incumbent is now down 392 votes.

NY had five seats already that flipped from Democrat to Republican.


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Update x2:

State Republican chair tells NY Daily News that the absentee ballot population should favor Randy Altschuler. Let's hope the ballots can put Randy outside the margin of voter fraud.


  1. A) Technically, why should a recount ever be necessary?
    B) Why do recounts consistently favor in one direction?

    In Jeapordy (tm) world, these would both be acceptable questions to the same answer.

  2. Daniel:
    A) Why in close races does a bag of "missing" ballots always materialize a day or 2 later?
    B Why are those "missing" ballots ALWAYS Democrat ballots???

  3. Daniel and Peg, generally speaking, you are right. The requirements for recount usually are: 1) The Democrat is behind, by 2) a number of votes that is within the margin of fraud. The recount continues until the fraud is successful, and not one minute more.

    But here we appear to have it working the opposite direction--the Democrat finished ahead on election night and the recount is favoring the Republican. So either the Republican is learning the Democrat's game or the Republican found an honest Democrat. Either one seems unlikely, but there it is.


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