Breaking: Ann Marie Buerkle Takes the lead over Dan Maffei in NY-25

By Sam Foster

Many pundits had considered the NY-25 race settled with Dan Maffei leading with 2,000 votes and 96% precincts reporting. The problem was that the remaining 4% of precincts were from Republican strongholds in Wayne County. I must admit, I've underestimated Ann Marie Buerkle from the start and although I predicted Ann Marie would tighten the race, I did not foresee her assuming the lead.

Wayne County totals show that Ann Marie Buerkle now has a 600 vote lead going into the absentee ballot count.


Republican candidate Ann Marie Buerkle has taken the lead in the 25th Congressional race.

New numbers from Wayne County shows Buerkle with 99,594 votes. Democratic incumbent Dan Maffei has 98,935.

Stay with CNY Central for more on this developing story.

According to election officials there are some roughly 9,000 returned ballots and 2,000 absentee's outstanding. We'll also have to hold out and see if recanvassing swings votes to either candidate, but it is a good sign for the GOP to have assumed the lead.

I'm not sure who out-scooped who, me or Lonely Conservative


Stacy calls it a miracle and that sounds about right. Thanks for the Link!

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