Awesome: Robert Stacy McCain Easily Sums up Frank Rich and the Liberal Mind

by the Left Coast Rebel

Am I the only one that Stacy McCain has amped up his efforts at The Other McCain now that his blogger-sidekick Smitty is headed for Afghanistan, (Godspeed and a safe trip, my friend)? I think that his post today on NYT's weekend house class warfare moonbat columnist Frank Rich (I know, I know, Krugman is the king-moonbat that graces NYT's daily spreads) proves this.

The term (over) educated fool comes to mind at any point that I (unfortunately) embark upon a Rich-read and Stacy McCain nails this theme:

Rich articulates the inner rationale by which the newspaper’s liberal readership justify their political prejudices. He lends his Harvard-educated eloquence to these prejudices, providing his readers with reassurance that they’re absolutely right and that anyone who disagrees with them is hopelessly ignorant.

“Obviously, these Republican voters are so stupid they don’t even read the New York Times!”

To spare you the effort of actually reading Frank Rich’s column, permit me to extract the most important words in it:

“very wealthy Americans . . . rich people . . . The wealthy Americans . . . those individuals at the apex of the economic pyramid — the superrich . . . The top 1 percent of American earners . . . the very top earners . . . the wealthiest . . . the wealthiest Americans . . . plutocracy . . . the top 1 percent of Americans . . . the very rich . . . the superrich . . . the top earners . . . Those in the higher reaches . . . the wealthiest Americans . . . the superrich”

The liberals whose prejudices Frank Rich intends to flatter are evidently obsessed with “the wealthiest Americans” and fervently believe that the biggest problem facing the nation is that these “superrich” don’t pay enough taxes.

Also, blame Bush!

Ah, yes. Beautiful and spot-on. I love the story that he writes about at the beginning of the post as well, a little 'behind the scenes' on a Instapundit linky-love request.



  1. Stacy's a great blogger. Always has some interesting political commentary, and hard to be for energy and enthusiasm!

  2. their problem isn't with rich people, but with rich conservative people...


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