Answer: Grab Blog-War Hit Counts without Entering the Frey

By Sam Foster

Question: What is by luck?

So chalk this post up as the meandering nothings of a blogger with no desire to say anything important.  With that said, I've been musing over the seven degrees of blog-separation, which has caused us a slight bit of traffic today and the circumstances that caused it.  

Once upon a time in the land of the blogosphere, Republicans and Conservatives were mostly united.  That is until Christine O'Donnell was about to send one of the members of "Cap and Tax 8" into retirement via the DE Senate primary.  For some reason, Republicans thought this was an overreach on the part of Conservatives and we (and when I say that, I is included) have been locked in a debate ever since.  Some debates are more heated then others.  

Our particular story takes us to one such heated discussion between Paul Mirengoff of Powerline and Mark Levin.  I believe LCR stayed out of this sticky one (I don't always have tabs on the bloggers here), but I've had my share of criticism for Paul Mirengoff.  However, at some point early on Patrick Frey aka Patterico of Patterico's Pontifications stepped into the scrum with a fact check on Mark Levin.  Needless to say, there was no love for Frey from Levin.

Clearly, Mark Levin is holding firm to his original assessment of Patterico thus posting this on his Facebook today, although I suspect it has something to do with this.  Contained within Mark's Facebook post are a number of links to conservative bloggers criticizing an attempt by Frey to connect racism to Robert Stacy McCain.  I also stayed out of this one having temporarily thrown in the towel on blogging at the time.  One of the links Mark highlights travels back to a post by Stacy at his old digs.

How is LCR receiving traffic from all of this?  

Well, the admirable Stacy McCain has left a Blog Roll featuring Left Coast Rebel up on his old website.  Whether by accident or intention, I've been careful not to let that detail slip out of the bag, because I don't want Stacy to change it…EVER.  I am only revealing this fact to you now because I am really board with the news cycle that I'm willing to let one of LCRs biggest traffic cows be slaughtered on the alter of "I felt I had to write about something today."  Also, I'm banking on the hope that Stacy will notice all the linkage in this post and upon seeing the sweet smelling offering of Rule Number Two, he will remain appeased (this and I believe a year is more than enough time to forget one's password to blogger).

So like a war profiteer LCR is now benefiting from the written pawns of ad hominem Blog-War and if anyone is wondering…No, I'm not bothered one bit.


Stacy McCain steps in today with an alternative view of the Castle feud. Also points out Patterico's attempt to pull Michelle Malkin into the battle.

Update x2:

Oh how Blog-Warfare can profit a man. It's like even when I try and get out, they keep pulling me back in.

BIG HAT TIP to Robert McCain who noticed my little scam and repaid with some linkage on the afore mentioned Patterico Gambit to enlist Michelle Malkin post. Now it turns out that Mark Levin has linked that post at The Other McCain thus guaranteeing much, much more traffic to this post than it ever deserved.

I love it. It's like the smell of napalm in the morning.

With that said, I'm adopting the theme song below! Oh and Mark Levin followers please bookmark Left Coast Rebel...aka a bunch of Conservative/Libertarian Republicans without a conscience.

Update x3:

Dan Riehl
chimes in as well. Perhaps, I will make an effort to draw some shameless Blog-Profiteering links from him as well?

Update x4:

Dan Reihl supports shameless Blog-Warfare profiteering with a carpet bomb...aka a tweet.

Update x5:

Doug Ross has signaled his intent to lower the standards of his own blog with support for our little scam. While I'm inclined to link his blog in the hopes of a link this morning, I can't be too certain about his claims. After all, this isn't the reputable side of political blogging.

Update: x6:

Doug Ross has followed up with his promise of tribute. Thank you Doug. I don't suppose you want to write a scathing post about either Patrick Frey or Mark Levin so as to double down in your support of our operation here?

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  1. I hear tell that Doug Ross @ Journal will be linking this in the morning as well.

    There's no telling what might happen then.


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