"11 Foreign Countries Wage War Against Arizona and American Sovereignty"

By Proof

Maggie's Notebook has this video about the potential interference of adjudicating Arizona's border enforcement law by foreign nations and the seeming complicity of Eric Holder and the oxymoronically named Obama justice department.

Though the video's headline speaks of "impeaching" Obama. I am not ready to go that far. But it does seem as if the only way to rid ourselves of this biased and perhaps incompetent Attorney General Eric Holder is to fire his boss.

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  1. Obama justice department, the oxymoron of the decade...
    Why not impeach him? this is far worse than what Bill Clinton did... Or Nixon for that matter!

  2. Thanks Proof.


  3. Perhaps we should send guys from Blackwater to torture these people.

    Aside from that, Left Coast Rebel owes me $20 from our Reid/Angle race bet.

  4. >Perhaps we should send guys from Blackwater to torture these people.

    I think that's the first time you've ever posted something that was actually a good idea.

  5. The strange thing is that they are always whining about their own sovereignty whenever the IMF or World Bank place conditions on them when they come begging for funds or debt relief.

    They want open borders so they can get their wretched off their social welfare systems.

    We should send them a bill for taking care of their citizens.


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