(VIDEO) Sarah Palin: “we have the tape that proves it” of the “corrupt bastards” in the media conspiring against Joe Miller

by the Left Coast Rebel

Via. Gateway Pundit, Sarah Palin on Fox News Sunday addressing the KTVA CBS controversy wherein a lamestream media 'reporter' was caught on tape conspiring against Joe Miller:

You go, Sarah! Palin is exactly right - they are corrupt bastards! Here's the transcript:

“Just last night it was revealed that the rally that I had for Joe Miller on Thursday, it was revealed and we have the tape to prove it, that the CBS reporters, the affiliate in Alaska, conspired to make up stories about Joe Miller. We have the tape Chris, and I can’t wait until it busts out all over the nation, that shows what it is that we… kinda what I put up with for two years now from the media… but what Joe Miller is faced with in someone like Lisa Murkowsky who feels so entitled to that seat, that she and some of her people including some complicit in the media will do anything, they will stop at nothing, to allow Lisa Murkowsky to get back elected.”

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  1. Thanks for reporting on this. Sarah calls it! And the Republicans should be supporting whoever won the primary! DUH!


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