(VIDEO) Magnolia, Texas, Woman Saved by Cpl. Jose Lopez, Car Smashed by Train

by the Left Coast Rebel

Houston Chronicle:

MAGNOLIA, Texas — A Houston-area police officer is being praised for the videotaped rescue of an alleged drunken driver just moments before her car is hit by a train.

Magnolia Cpl. Jose Lopez had the dashboard camera on in his patrol car when he approached a vehicle that appeared struck on some railroad tracks.

Lopez is heard asking the 26-year-old woman, who says "I can walk," how much she had to drink as he assisted her early Saturday. She replied: "Not much."

Lopez is seen escorting the woman away from her car, which is hit by the train less than a minute later and dragged about 150 yards.

The woman faces a DWI charge.

Police Chief Domingo Ibarra says Lopez is a hero.

Magnolia is 30 miles northeast of Houston.

Pictures from Magnolia Cpl. Jose Lopez had the dashboard camera :


: A similar incident happened in Nevada recently:

One man is very lucky to be alive after a police officer pulled him from his car just moments before it was hit by a train.

Dashcam video from a Nevada, Iowa Police car show just how powerful the impact was Thursday night.

The police chief says it's fortunate that no one was hurt, and the video of the crash is a good reminder for everyone about the danger around the tracks.

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  1. Helping criminals live longer lives! Surely it would have been better to let the lady (and her family, friends, and others) learn her lesson! Talk about moral hazard!


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