This is what passes as excellent writing at Huffington Post

By Sam Foster

Before you read, you should know as of 12:20 EST, this example of putrescence has 128 comments, 52 shares, and a thread on memeorandum.


  1. Useless, derogatory, vile...

    More of the same, every day in the left blogosphere. I would like to see the reaction to this if if it were a conservative writer talking about a lefty-type.

  2. And that's reporting? It's mindless stupidity. Typical lefties-- don't debate issues, just smear the person...

  3. Norman Lear is a typical leftist. Nothing original. The guy is simply a walking cliche who knows good and damn well he couldn't prevail in a debate with the people he he cuts verbal farts on the Huffinglue Post. It's the intellectual equivalent of explosive diarrhea.

    He writes in desperate hope of relief.

  4. Man the lefist commentators are just filled with evil vile swill wishing him to die. I thought they were the party of compassion. Oh wait, they're also the party of lie, deception, and fraud. My bad.

  5. Mindless drivel. Perhaps what made him great with sitcoms?

  6. I only read a few comments and thought" that exactly what i feel when I hear Obama speaking..."
    But the BIG difference is on is a radio show personality and the other is "leader" of our nation... At least Juan Williams is somewhat objective...


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