Shocker: Charlie Sheen Found Naked and Drunk in New York Hotel

by the Left Coast Rebel

Why do the rich and famous (not to mention liberal) Hollywood elite lead such pampered yet screwed-up lives?

No stranger to uh-he-did-what controversy, today's celeb-prize goes to Charlie Sheen who instead of spending time with family (how many kids does he have?) was found drunk, naked and otherwise in a New York hotel:

(People, WeSmirch) Charlie Sheen was found drunk and naked in a New York hotel early Tuesday morning.

"Police responded to a call for an intoxicated male," a source confirms to PEOPLE. Sheen, 45, was taken to the hospital "in the company of a female, unharmed." He was removed from the scene for "for alcohol abuse and psychological evaluation" and considered an "aided case," meaning no arrest was made.
This is a real hoot, too - his agent is claiming that the incident can be blamed on an "allergic reaction" on the actor's part:
According to Sheen's rep, "What we are able to determine is that Charlie had an adverse allergic reaction to some medication and was taken to the hospital, where is expected to be released tomorrow."
Not the brightest bulb on the tree to not only screw up this:
Charlie Sheen seen with ex-wife Denise Richards
But even this, recently, too:
Charlie Sheen seen with ex-wife Brooke Mueller

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  1. "Shocking"---like the "unexpected" unemployment numbers, right?


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