Russ Steele... When You're Holding a Hammer (Everything Looks Like a Nail)

by Les Carpenter
Rational Nation USA

From Rational Nation's inbox:

This song is written and sung by a High School Football coach. He
wrote the song and sent it out to his email list. Someone complained and he
lost his job. The good news, the guy has talent and when you see the words
you'll be amazed.

Not only is this guy talented he has a very poignant message. He simply rocks!

The system that encourages and supports this kind of "political correctness" is much of what is wrong with this nation today.

Lets help make this song go viral and in the process maybe help this educated man launch a new career.

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  1. I still do not approve of his sending this out on e-mail to student's parents. We all have the right to believe differently -- politically. He just didn't know the terriority and should have been smart.

    Aside from that... THIS IS A DAMNED GOOD SONG... and We the USA -- American People need to hear it every day.

    Nail these treasonists we have in Congress and the White House... and you know, the rest of us little people need to learn, pay attention, and act in the best interest of our Country. Don't ever sleep again with regard to the running of our Country. Washington is corrupt. We the People have to start watching them.

  2. rosewood59 - Points well made.

    I suppose he felt he was just excersing his first amendment rights. Perhaps not to wise...

    Particulary in the age of "Political Correctness."


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