Righty v. Lefty

What a moment!

George Bush 41 and George Bush 43 entered the stadium together tonight to throw out the first ball at the World Series.


Then GW threw a strike to home plate catcher Nolan Ryan to start off game 4. Barbara Bush was taking photos in the stands.

What a wonderful moment.
Scott at Power Line:
What a moving study in dignity and class. What a great example.

Miss me yet? I miss them both.
Take a look at how easy this was for G.W. and then remember this and this from King Charlie.
When it was time for him to pitch the ball, he pitched it with no hesitation, no mugging for the camera, without a second thought. And it was a solid strike.

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  1. That was a great piece of video and a great pitch. One might almost compare it to the effeminate "girly man" pitch of another president in Mom jeans...only it would only depress everybody!


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