PJTV: All Aboard the Van Tran Train

by the Left Coast Rebel

Last week I met the Los Angeles PJTV crew to film an interview with Orange County Republican, CD-47's Van Tran and PJTV has the video up (as of yesterday), please click the image to view the segment. If you don't have a PJTV subscription, that's ok - just sign up for the free service and view away! :

The segment really turned out well, despite my impression of my performance. I was nervous as hell as it was my first showing of any kind on camera. I totally bombed my memorized introduction due to nerves. I was able to relax during the chat and Q&A with Assemblyman Van Tran, however, and that is what the PJTV guys used for the final edit.

Advice for citizen activists to appear on camera:

  • Know your material but do not depend on memorization. Memorized material tends to fly out the window when nerves kick in.
  • Once I relaxed a bit, I was able to converse well with Van Tran. This was due to the fact that I knew his candidacy inside and out and didn't memorize my questions for him.
  • When the camera was rolling I focused on the candidate. I filtered out the room that was fixated on the interview. It was almost like climbing at an incredible height. The equivalent, "don't look down," to a rock-climb or such came into my mind and it helped a lot.
  • Have fun! It's a lot of fun, actually. Loosen up and don't take it too seriously. I'm sure the second time around is easier too.

Somewhat related - Via Memeorandum, check out Paul Krugman's piece today, you won't regret it if you do. Kruggie sees ghosts of the Apocalypse and the writing on the wall for the socialist agenda on Tuesday and I couldn't be any happier.

Christopher Manion over at Lew Rockwell critiques Krugman, too:

In a postmodern twist on ancient myth, Paul Krugman warns against chaos if Obamanites do not enjoy unfettered rule next year.

This calls to mind the pre-philosophical myth, in its countless variants, that warned of chaos if the harmony of the cosmos was shattered.

For Krugman, the god “BiPartisan” scowls from its totem perch, demanding obedience. Funny, he only turns up in non-Left-Wing years. Must have something to do with winding the clock at Stonehenge.

Krugman’s adolescent pre-analytical skills regarding politics remind me of Bill Clinton’s clownish efforts at Georgetown, constantly trying to get elected to some student office. Eliade examines the “Myth of the Eternal Return” (to the origin of cosmic order). Krugman represents the sad fact of eternal adolescence.


  1. Nice Interview. Well Done. VT is very concise and clear in his mission and views. I think he has a shot. Sanchez is being pimped by the teachers union and other education unions.


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