(PICTURES) Who is Junior Seau's 25 Year Old Live-in Girlfriend?

by the Left Coast Rebel

(UPDATED 5/2/12)

Junior Seau has committed suicide. Please click here for our ongoing coverage.

As news broke today that Junior Seau drove his car off a cliff in Carlsbad, California, salacious details started to pour in. First, it seemed that Junior Seau was on-the-run from his 25-year-old live-in girlfriend's accusation that he had assaulted her.

Then it turns out that he had been arrested earlier in the morning for spousal assault with injury and then released on bail. Seau's 25-year-old, live-in-girlfriend, whose identity is unknown at this time, had injuries at the time of his arrest that didn't require medical attention.

So the question is - who is Junior Seau's live-in girlfriend? Are there any pictures of Junior Seau's 25 year old girlfriend? Like Tiger Woods, one can only imagine the number of females that Junior Seau comes into contact with.

For instance:

These are just photo shoots and not pictures of Junior Seau's 25 year old girlfriend. I assume that the identity of Seau's girlfriend will surface as this story gets even bigger.

Or maybe not!

Updated: San Diego's 10 News confirms that Junior Seau's 25 year-old-live-in-girlfriend's name is Mary Nolan. No pictures are available!

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  1. This is a pic of Seau's Girlfriend Mary Nolan -->http://fandaily.info/?p=21376


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