(PHOTOS) Tiger Woods Hits Cameraman Mark Pain with Ball at Ryder Cup


This is not a photoshop! The picture was taken at this weekend's Ryder Cup, mere nano-seconds before the ball hit camerman Mark Pain's camera.

Yahoo Sports:

Check that photo from the weekend's Ryder Cup action. No, it's not staged or Photoshopped. That's really Tiger Woods hitting a golf ball straight at the camera.

How'd it happen? By mistake. The cameraman, Mark Pain of the Daily Mail, was in the proper position on the 18th hole when Woods flat-out duffed his shot. The ball hit Pain's camera and dropped to the ground. But unlike many instances when Woods and caddy Stevie Williams have taken issue with photographers, Tiger had nothing to say here. He knew he was in the wrong, not Pain.

(Aside: best part of the gallery in this picture? The smiling dude with the cigar on the right side of the frame. He's the only thing about this photo that looks fake.)

The rest of the story and corresponding high resolution pictures from the Daily Mail:

This is the moment when Mail on Sunday photographer Mark Pain found himself in the line of fire at the Ryder Cup - and for a brief moment brought the mighty Tiger Woods to a juddering halt.

The American world No 1 was partnering Steve Stricker and attempting to chip his third shot on the final hole of yesterday morning's fourball against Europe's Ian Poulter and Ross Fisher on to the green.

Smile, Tiger: Woods shoots straight at photographer Pain

Smile, Tiger: Woods shoots straight at photographer Pain

But Woods hit the ground behind the ball and duffed the shot straight at Pain.

The man from The Mail on Sunday didn't flinch, however, and captured this extraordinary picture just before the ball hit his camera, bounced on to his chest and came to rest at his feet.

Woods was furious about his blunder, but neither he nor caddie Steve Williams objected to Pain's position.

Time to leave: Pain (in blue bib) makes a sharp exit as Woods looks on

Time to leave: Pain (in blue bib) makes a sharp exit as Woods looks on

The Americans accepted that the ball had hit the intrepid photographer only because Tiger's effort, from rain-soaked rough, had been so badly struck.

But it did enable Pain to pull off a much better shot than Woods had made - and nothing could stop Tiger and Stricker from completing a decisive victory over their European opponents.


  1. And Rodney Daingerfield exclaims "slice!"

    "Because the Only Good Progressive is a Failed Progressive"

  2. You left out cigar man (to the left in the photo behind Tiger), he has become a sensation across the nation...and the globe, following the release of this photo.

  3. You can see a bit of Cigar Man behind Tiger in the last photo, he's actually to the right of Tiger as your facing the pic.


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