(PHOTOS) (PICTURES) Congressional Candidate Krystal Ball Goes Dominatrix with Dildo-Nosed Husband

by Sam Foster and the Left Coast Rebel

Watch out! The sexism card is getting played in VA and not because it is warranted, rather because a Democrat candidate Krystal Ball (no joke here, that is her real name), screwed up (quite literally) big time and she needs to blame someone else for her actions.

Six years ago, VA Democrat Krystal Ball made quite the youthful indiscretion while attending college. She dressed up like a dominatrix and with her former, dildo-nosed (literally) husband in tow, took, shall we say, some raunchy pictures with him and another girl.

As Paris Hilton has proven again and again, this stuff finds its way onto the internet.

Today, she blames her Republican incumbent for releasing them, and produces…ZERO…evidence.

The Washington Scene:

Ball, 29, says the photos were taken six years ago, just after she graduated from college, and she accused her opponent, Rep. Rob Wittman (R-Va.), of releasing them on the Internet as part of a smear campaign.

Wittman's spokesman said in a statement Tuesday night that Wittman is "adamantly opposed" to the release of the photos, and that he has asked bloggers to take down the pics.

For her part, Ball acknowledges that the photos are damaging, but said on Wednesday that she is more angry than embarrassed.

The release of the photos is "sexist and it’s wrong, regardless of political party," she said.

This would of course be true, if there was proof that Wittman had released them and to play the sexist card in this instance is scurrilous. But, most importantly, the statement distracts from the real issue; why are these pictures sexist and who perpetrated the pictures?

If they are sexist, then it is because Krystal Ball and not Wittman was engaged in acts the degrade women. Krystal, you should be ashamed of yourself.

Photos/pictures of Krystan Ball that are (somewhat) fit for print here:

Krystal Ball and the 'dildo-nose' (the only 'dildo' picture remotely acceptable here)

Krystal Ball and friend

Krystal Ball

Krystal Ball playing Dominatrix - how sweet!

For the link to rest of the the NSFW pictures go here and a very funny take on this scandal head over to The Other McCain here.

Updated: Dan Collins adds a very funny graphic to his post:



  1. She would earn Ted Kennedy's endorsement if he was still alive.

  2. This will likely result in increased in young Democratic voters on Nov 2. Even the name will get votes just on name recognotion.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. It will probably damage her campaign, but really not that big of a deal, it was obviously just a college theme party. I worry more about those psychotic types, who never really let loose in their youth. It is weak for her to cry sexist about it though. If your in the spotlight, dirt will come out.

  5. Barrell Rider is right.

    Isn't that what was said by many in the GOP when Republican politicians were adultrous; "it's a private matter"?

  6. Though I would say it's a private matter, I wonder if she'll get the Bill Clinton stamp of approval. She seems like the perfect Democrat woman, slutty, no scuples, wishes to dominate men, and no morals.

  7. Big deal? I see nothing wrong here at all. Grow up people.

  8. The digital age where seemingly funny party pics are your downfall. Sense of humor people... lighten up.


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