(PHOTOS) (PICTURES) Boogie Board shows Shark Bite Mark, Santa Barbara Shark Attack

by the Left Coast Rebel

Scary stuff, here are some pictures from yesterday's shark attack at Vandenberg Air Force Base that killed 20 year old UCSB student Lucas Ranson.

Bite mark on boogie board from Santa Barbara, Surf Beach shark attack

Photo released by the Santa Barbara County Sheriff's Department.
The boogie board, shows the shark bite from
the attack that killed 20 year old Lucas Ranson.

: From Santa Barbara's Keyt.com, "Sea Otter Deaths From Shark Bites on the Rise":

The Department of Fish and Game reported collecting a record number of shark-bitten sea otters in August along California's central coast.

Scientists collected 19 injured or dead otters with signs of shark bites in August and seven already in September.

The majority of the otters were collected in the Morro Bay-Pismo Beach area.

The 10-year average for August is seven, and for September is six.

Scientists believe this increase in shark-bitten otters in California may be due to cooler-than-average ocean temperatures from an unusually mild summer, creating an ideal condition for white sharks.

"White sharks do not typically feed on sea otters," explained Michael Harris, environmental scientist with the Department of Fish and Game.

Harris has been working with sea otters for 19 years.

"Their preferred prey is seals and sea lions. This would explain why the majority of the otters collected have a single bite mark.

These bites are more investigative - like a taste test."

White sharks occur around the world, mostly in cold, temperate seas with a surface temperature of 50 to 72 degrees Fahrenheit.

The Central Coast has had ocean temperatures hovering around 60 degrees this summer.

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  1. Sad story, as soon as I heard it I assumed Great White, there's a lot of them in that area this time of year. Judging by the bite mark, it seems to be a young shark.


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