October 2 One Nation Rally Aerial Pictures/Photos

by the Left Coast Rebel

As one would expect, far-left, sources (yes, even the site Crooks and Liars, home of the hippie punching blogger) are claiming that yesterday's October 2 'One Nation' rally's attendance exceeded Glenn Beck's Restoring Honor Rally of August 28.

Too bad this aerial picture of the One Nation rally has surfaced (go here for a 3000 + pixel version of the One Nation aerial picture, according to the meta data, it is from 12:04 EDT, just after the start of the event. ):
Updated: This photo was taken from the Washington Memorial. The key is to narrow in on the lawn areas to the left and the right of the reflective pool. As the AP notes, "Organizers claimed they had as many participants as Beck's rally. But Saturday's crowds were less dense and didn't reach as far to the edges as they did during Beck's rally." Many of the press photos of One Nation are cleverly shot in front of the Lincoln Memorial, thus giving the illusion of a far greater crowd size.

Let's juxtapose the One Nation aerial picture with a very similar one from Glenn Beck's Restoring Honor rally:

As you can clearly see, the crowd density is 10, 20 times that of the as the aerial picture from the One Nation rally clearly shows.

Updated: American Power has a date-stamped, side by side version of the above:


Another beyond the aerial picture of the One Nation rally disregarded by the press is just how undeniably far-left the crowd was. Here is a picture from Doug Ross's "15 Photos from the One Nation Rally...."

Ah yes, chidren masquerading for socialism. Ain't that grand?

Be sure to check out the rest of Doug Ross's pictures from the One Nation rally. Jim Hoft has proof that press sources used photos from Glenn Beck's Restoring Honor rally to juice the attendance.

Also check out Marooned in Marin's "One Nation (of Commies, Unions and..."

Charlie Martin at PJM provides a very fair estimate of the One Nation rally here and proves that Crooks and Liars fulfill the latter part of their name, "there isn't a satellite passing by overhead, anytime you want one," he says.

American Power has a great writeup as well as Just a Conservative Girl who attended the event. Also check out Rational Nation's post if you missed it along with War Planner.

Updated: Super link-gatherer Geri M. tipped me on the following Publius post:

The extremists of the left-wing had their march yesterday and now look at the garbage they left on our National Mall in Washington D.C.

This disgusting video shows what a few foreign tourists found on the Nation Mall in D.C. after the pigs and slobs of the left-winger’s “On Nation” rally left that public space. A pig sty mess left for our tax dollars to have to pay to clean up. Just like a leftists to make others pa for their mess, isn’t it?

By comparison, the same space was clean as a whistle after Glenn Beck’s crowd left.

Surprising? Not hardly.

Updated: Sara in Italy has the best coverage, links, videos and pictures, wow!

Updated x2: At Memeorandum, via Gateway Pundit, high school students get class credit for attending leftist rally:

Not only were thousands of supporters given free rides by unions and the NAACP to the rally, far left teachers at High School for Math, Science and Engineering were giving students class credits to attend.

High School kids are forced to attend the one Nation rally in order to graduate. SSL (Student Service Learning) hours are required by many state governments to graduate High School, so kids must attend these rallies. Apparently, the organizers were willing to use any means to bring thousands to the rally.


  1. LCR: Despite what extreme left bloggers write, anyone with eyes to see and a brain to think realizes how vast and genuine the Beck/Tea Party-based rally was in comparison. I think the elite Democratic leadership is pissing all over itself this morning -- they KNOW the truth, even if they don't admit the truth.

    Extra-bonus for Nov. 2nd -- check out this HillBuzz article and contemplate who will be the next Senate Majority Leader, as Reid is going down.

    Did Barack Obama kill Las Vegas…on purpose?

  2. Great pictures! Who are you going to believe? The Leftist liars who claim that the "satellite photos" showed them with greater attendance than Beck, or your own lying eyes?

  3. Great blog and info. Photos from many sources do not lie. But the left will. Beck and that rally had more people. A lot more. I'm sorry I missed this rally. I mean Ed "the buffoon' Schultz and Joe "oh come on you're full of it" Madison together? Hopefully the zoo came and picked up these 'two sack of suds' afterwards. Take care.

  4. I've always said that there are more of us than them. It just seems like they have more because they are louder, and one of the biggest loudmouths was at their puny gathering yesterday in DC: Ed Schultz.

    Regarding the trash left behind: I have been in countless leftists homes, having been around them my whole life. As anti consumerism, anti free markets as they are, I have seen more crap inside of their homes than I ever have in the residences of conservatives. Just an amazing amount of junk, and they are all in debt because of it. Also, if you think for a second that lefties are committed "ecological warriors," take a walk through the streets of Berkeley CA. Telegraph ave. especially looks and smells like any skid row. Sort of a "hipster" bowery. If urine, vomit, stale booze, years of reefer smoke and garbage throughout the streets is your idea of utopia, go to Berkelely, Arcata, San Francisco... any place where the left hangs its berets.

    By the way, Tim, congratulations on your ascendency as a columnists, as evidenced by your articles at The Daily Caller, and Pajamas Media. As an early reader of LCR, I'm proud to see you make your mark. Good job, dude. :)

  5. Mut - thanks for the links.

    Proof - thanks!

    AGII - You bet, your post was awesome ;)

    Charles - Great to make your acquaintance here.

    Will - You are totally correct, I have witnessed the same myself.

    Thanks for the congrats too!

  6. Actually it would be interesting to know what times the photos were taken- before the rally, during the rally or after the rally? Would make a big difference in how to judge them.

  7. These people should go to France. Turnout for the free lunch crowd is much better there.

  8. If the One Nation vs. Restoring Honor comparisons prove to serve as reasonably accurate surrogate markers for what will happen on Nov. 2, I'll be mighty pleased.

  9. I love the buses lined up on the left-hand side of the One Nation mall picture.

  10. Hey LCR..... I have been trying to find a time stamp on that photo. Cuz the right will be torn apart if that photo was taken to early. We need a confirmed picture at the peak of the event. BUT I do find it amazing that I can not find the above picture or any other overview on any lib website. The favorite picture of the libs is ground level from the Lincoln Memorial which makes the crowd look huge.
    Keep hearing about the Satilite photo but haven't seen it yet. Another clue that the libs are too embarrassed by the turn out. Beck had arial photos up immediately. I would also like to hear CBS analysis of numbers. They did it for Beck so why not One Nation?
    I so curious because I am concerned about the size of our current socialist/communist population. These are the people we fought against for over 40 years and now its okay to have marches proudly. Freedom of speach is on thing but I call fundemental change TREASON.

  11. People were still marching toward the rally at 12:04 PM. Like many other people, I wasn't there until around 1 PM. I can tell you that when I did arrive, there was much more than what you see in this aerial photograph.

  12. Shadows way too long for noon or early afternoon. See the link to the larger version - shadows of objects, people are as long as the objects themselves. Long shadows - early AM or late PM. Pic is nowhere near noon.


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