(PHOTOS) Bill Clinton Stumps for Loretta Sanchez in Santa Ana, California

by the Left Coast Rebel

(Photos not to be used without attribution)

This evening I packed up my citizen activist gear and headed up to Orange County's Santa Ana. The drive was fifty miles or so - not bad to get a chance to hear a speech from former president Bill Clinton and take a bunch of pictures. "Big-Guns" Clinton came to Orange County for Loretta Sanchez, due to a too-close-to-call race between her and solid conservative republican Van Tran. It was worth noting that Clinton's appearance attracted approximately 1,000 people.

Right off the bat I found and chatted with Donald Douglas of American Power - he lives close by. He introduced me to some lovely OC conservative ladies doing the Lord's work for Van Tran. Donald mentioned to me that the next two weeks are crucial and like other California tight races in California, it will come down to cash in the final stretch. Please donate even $5, $10 or $20 here.

This lady is an Orange County tea party organizer:


And she was "Monica" for the day:

The crowd turned and president Bill Clinton came down the steps of the Old Orange Count Courthouse. The crowd cheered, I was completely surrounded by Democrats and liberals:

Loretta Sanchez took the podium, opening in Spanish. She spoke of her record, defended her vote on the Stimulus as "saving the economy.'' Her speech was essentially a get-out-the-vote rallying cry to the liberal audience. She spoke for some time as Clinton looked on:

Clinton takes the mic to cheers and Democrat applause. It was obvious who people were here to see:

This shot of the Secret Service is AP quality. I noticed that Bill Clinton was flanked by lots of Secret Service agents. Some were in the crowd, some behind the stage, some behind the crowd in the distance. Pretty cool:

This one is AP quality too:

There were quite a few union folks in the crowd. However, I didn't see any SEIU, I could be wrong. Everyone was actually well behaved and peaceful. There was one little issue. As I angled in closer through the crowd to get closer to Clinton, I heard a couple of Democrat teenagers call me an assh*le for blocking their view with my camera (I had a Van Tran sign too so that probably had more than anything to do with it). I just pretended I didn't hear them.

Here's one of the AFSCME union folks too (quite a few there):

The event closed, Clinton mingled with the crowd and eventually exited with Secret Service in tow. I decided to do some mingling with the locals myself. This was neat, a lady driving down Main in Santa Ana, definitely voting for assemblyman Van Tran:

I chatted with these two kids on my way out too. Nice kids but Democrat liberals through-and-through.

They say ignorance is bliss.

I got the feeling that they had reached their political identity through the academic setting. The youngster on the left said he was interning for Loretta Sanchez. "Tell me what you think about Van Tran," I asked him. "His votes on the environment in the state legislature were terrible," he said. He mentioned several supposed votes cast by assemblyman Van Tran having to do with lead paint poisoning food and water, or something - Loretta Sanchez used the same line in her speech:

More pictures tomorrow? I have close to 200!

Updated: Bill P. at WarPlanner barely missed the event today but wrote about it either way. What a post!

Well, today it seems that Slick Willie was coming to town to bail out the Playboy-Sex-Poodle, Loretta Sanchez. You know, the chubby little Latina who ousted an inattentive Bob Dornan from his CA-47 house seat some years ago and has been doing absolutely nothing since then except insinuating herself into the domicile of the King of Viagra, Hugh Hefner, throwing off her old hubby, and stalking the halls of Congress in 4-inch stiletto heels looking for lobbyists to bed.

(Actually, I don't know about the 4-inch stiletto heels part of the narrative; it seems so much more civilized -- and sexy -- than calling an adversary a whore, one supposes.)

Your tax dollars at work

Anyway, Slick was coming to town to co-appear at a rally in Santa Ana with Sanchez in the heart of the Hispanic part of her district to drum up support for her.
Read the rest.

Updated x2: Donald Douglas checks in, "President Bill Clinton in the OC - Stumps for Loretta Sanchez, Blames George W. Bush for Economic Crisis":
LAT has the story: "Clinton Stumps for Sanchez in Tight Congressional Race." But I'll tell you, Clinton's speech was a yawner, mostly blaming George W. Bush for the Obama Depression, and whining about how people needed to get the "facts" so that the campaign wouldn't be fought on "voter anger" but on "ideas." Pathetic. Like a rock groupie, Loretta Sanchez just stood at Clinton's side, fawning and gigling at the "hilarious" repartee. Clinton helped Sanchez over the top in her first run for Congress in 1996 (defeating "B2" Bob Dornan). And she needs a hefty boost now. She's polling virtually dead even with GOP Assemblyman Van Tran, so no doubt she had to call up the big party guns to salvage her congressional career.
Read the rest.

Updated x3: LatinoPolitics has Clinton's entire 37 minute speech on video:


  1. Tim,

    What Opie said in spades!

    I wrote a post on the heartbreak of not being able to scoot form work to get down there. Sure was disappointing. But I am glad you had the waterfront covered.

    It also looks like -- for all of the glitz and glamor of Clinton showing up -- the turnout was pretty sparse and the Van Tran supporters on hand really harshed that woman's buzz.

    For goodness' sake, please run the other pics!


  2. Thanks, Opus!

    TWP - We definitely missed you, I was late myself but fortunatlely so was Clinton! I took some videos as well and yes, the turnout was pretty low considering who was headlining!

  3. Donald - Thanks, man! Great to see you there, like I said too, if I took 200 pictures, I was bound to get some really good ones. Let me know when you write up a post and I will link...

  4. Just thinking that Bill Clinton looked absolutely terrible! I don't mean that in the catty, I-despised-this-guy-back-in-the-90s sort of way. I mean like one of your favorite frumpy old uncles shows up at Thanksgiving, has four sherries, and proceeds to gross every one out by feeling up the guests and breaking wind at the dinner table.

    The suit and tie he was wearing looked like he got it from the Salvation Army Thrift Store down on fourth street.

  5. look mom!!! i'm on the pathetic loser page!!! [did bill show her mr happy?) even dems i know are voteing you criminally insane pathetic turds out!!!

  6. Its really hard to respect a fellow like Clinton who has turned into a whore for the Democratic party. Couple of questions...how much did he get paid by the Sanchez campaign to speak ( he usually commands 100-150k a per venue)??? Does he normally back racially agenda biased candidate???? Cool pics. I'd say Clinton was okay his first term and has been going downhill since...

  7. The Question remains, when Sanchez was introduced to Slick Willies Mr Happy...did she inhale?


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