Off the Radar...

by Les Carpenter
Rational Nation USA

Always the rebel, and always right, I find it interesting the web recently is relatively silent on the goings on in Mexico and the possible effect it could have on the Southwest United States. More specifically the Mexican Drug Cartels and their activity to protect their distribution activity to the U.S.A.

I find it interesting that intelligent and reasoned individuals apparently overlook the obvious answer to this problem. My "independent conservative" take on this is most chose to do so blinded by their belief in the "Virtues of the War on Drugs." I challenge anyone who believes the "War on Drugs" has been a success to point to the EVIDENCE of this.

In fact the "War on Drugs" has, if anything, been a dismal failure costing American taxpayers untold millions if not billions of dollars in its execution. But the believers in "Big Government" and it's ability to rectify social ills persist in spending your hard earned dollars in their efforts to correct this "societal ill." As an example of this madness check out this link to Human Events.

Okay all you supposed conservatives I have just given you the ammo to blast me as a closet liberal. The problem is I freely admit to being a "Classical Liberal." Look the definition up if in doubt as to what that means. Because I am an "independent conservative" I personify that which "Classical Liberalism" stood for... two hundred and thirty four years ago.

My apologies, I have once again digressed. The "War on Drugs" has failed and will continue to fail. The cost passed on to the public the result of the "Big Government's" attempt to protect society against itself will only continue to rise as the failures continue to mount.

The answer is so simple, so straight forward, so liberating. Legalize, tax those who choose to purchase recreational drugs, and use the revenues for drug education and treatment. Let those who make the decision to use drugs pay for their decision up front but don't criminalize them for doing so.

There will always be a demand for drugs. Current law and drug enforcement efforts have merely created a huge profitable billion dollar illicit enterprise. Americans can either chose to perpetuate the madness or engage in enacting the solution. What will it be?

In the process of deciding recall, if you will, "Prohibition" and its historic dismal failure.

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  2. I am 100% in your corner. When drugs are made legal, as is alchol and tabacco, government revenues will go up. Spend "drug war" money on clinics and on EDUCATION!!!

    I am 62 yrs old and have known many adults paying money for drugs. Maybe it's a cheap thrill for doing something that is sooooo no legal. Most of these people are working Americans, (however stupid I think they may be for indulging in a substance than can kill you)

    We will never win a war on drugs. So, let's go in the back way and make drugs and the dealers subserviant to the people.

  3. That video of Jerry Brown is ridiculous - not on my watch he won't!

  4. First of all,your idea to solve this problem by "Legalize, tax those" is just another place for govt corruption and misuse of tax revenue... Might work if there wasn't such an issue there... (requires people to be honest)
    The truth is, our govt is NOT protecting us and not fighting the war on drugs. If they were, we would have a secure border.
    IMHO, just another example of failed "Big Government"!

  5. They Blink In Unison - Yup, that worked well with prohibiton didn't it now.

    No demand no need for product.

    Your right about one thing, only the individual can determine to not "use"any substance. Legal or illegal.

  6. rosewood59 - it seems as though us older folks may need to lead the way on this issue.

    Perhaps one day this will have majority support and things will change in a positive direction. It does require one think outside the box however.

  7. John - The real truth is as long as there is a demand there will be somebody willing to fill the demand.

    I am not pro use of drugs, nor I am generally in favor of increasing governments role. But on this issue I know what we have been doing for over 30 years ain't worked,it has costs huge sums, and it is time we looked at the issue with a different set of lenses. At least IMHO


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