Obama Gets His History Wrong...Again!

By Proof

Ever get the feeling that this guy not only slept through twenty years in Jeremiah Wright's church, but slept through all his history and civics classes, too?

Listen to the bone headed blunder he makes about Social Security. Originally intended for widows and orphans??? Please! It was sold as a retirement plan, complete with Al Gore's "lock box" (full of I.O.U.s ever since Congress figured out they could raid those funds with impunity.)

BTW, is it safe to assume from his halting, near stuttering delivery and inaccuracy that he was not only off script, but off prompter as well?

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  1. Obama's understanding of history may or may not be suspect (I found his analysis of the filibuster causing more partisan conflict and less compromise to be more disingenuously and ridiculously inaccurate, personally), but he does make a good analogy with the argument. Social Security did arguably begin as a modest safety-net program which was marginally affordable for the country, but its basis was a Ponzi scheme, which people could see was unsustainable, but was allowed to exist because it was limited. It has grown into a fiscal nightmare through a combination of expansion, adjustment, and financial manipulation, and now is an albatross which seems too out-of-control for anyone to even begin to fix. You could say the same thing about Medicare, and probably to an even larger extent. If the arguments seem familiar, they should: Obamacare is the next example of exactly the same thing.

    I have to concede to Obama at least one point: his health care bill is an enormous change which dumps a huge, unfunded financial burden on future savers/taxpayes in the US.


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