NY Times goes after Rent is Too Damn High Party’s Jimmy McMillan for upstaging Andrew Cuomo in Monday’s debate

By Sam Foster

Ever wonder just how dedicated the NY press corps is to Democrat Andrew Cuomo?  Here is your answer: if you have a large amount of notable facial hair, wear black leather gloves, think rent in NY is too Damn HIGH, resemble and sound something like Mr. T's father and walk away from last Monday's debate as the most memorable gubernatorial candidate, the NY Times is gunning for you.  

Sarah Maslin Nir of the NY Times yesterday:

"Even though my rent is not too damn high," he said, "if I'm fighting for the children who can't pay rent, who have no place to live, then my rent is too damn high."

But Mr. McMillan gave The Wall Street Journal a somewhat different account of his living arrangements in an article published online on Tuesday, saying that he paid $800 a month for his own apartment. His landlord could not be reached. Mr. McMillan, asked about his comments to The Journal, said, "I was probably just trying to brush them off."

He restated that he personally lived rent free. A few moments later, however, he refused to confirm any of his previous statements.

"Don't look for anything I say about my living space to be true," he said.

It's a very revealing article, because I've seen the very same template over and over again, but on Carl Paladino.  For instance, Paladino's expenditures for staff.  

Come on NY Times!  At least be creative enough to change the media template for each of the different Cuomo challengers.

What does it matter if the man lives rent free or pays $800/month, his point is that NYC's rent is TOO…DAMN…HIGH.  Besides, McMillan's past rent experience is far less germane than say, Andrew Cuomo's hand in the sub-prime mortgage meltdown.  Yet, it seems important to the NY Times, which means that it is important to Andrew Cuomo and the absurdity is striking.  

Clearly, the liberal press is concerned Mr. McMillan's performance last Monday was both enduring and could quite possibly drain some Cuomo votes, which means that Cuomo is such an unexciting candidate, the press believes they have to Joe the Plumber the rent is too damn high guy.

That's right NY, the NY Times wants you to know you shouldn't vote for the guy that thinks your rent is too damn high, you are better off voting for the guy that destroyed the mortgage industry.

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