NY-22 Maurice Hinchey tells reporter shut up, then grabs reporters throat

By Sam Foster

Today a Tea Party protester attacked a reporter in NY-22. Democrat Maurice Hinchey of NY-22 is proof that one can always reach a new level of derangement when he physically assaulted a member of the press this evening.

YNN reports:

Kemble was asking Hinchey questions about a local development project in which the congressman reportedly has a financial interest and for which he has also secured $800,000 worth of federal funding. Hinchey has previously insisted his only involvement in the project is as a partial owner of the land where it will be built. Last night, he said he has “no financial interest” in the project, and pointedly told Kemble:

“What are you talking about…Are you trying to give the same phony stuff that are you put in the Freeman so many times. Are you still as deceptive as you always have been? Are still you a manipulative guy? You’re full of baloney. You’re full of baloney.”

At this point, another reporter tried to break in to ask a question, and Hinchey said: “Yeah, please ask me something. This guy is just full of baloney.”

When Kemble persisted, Hinchey told him: “Shut up!”

After the shooters turned off their cameras and started to break down, Hinchey made a beeline for Kemble and got in his face, according to a YNN videographer who was on the scene. The congressman poked Kemble in the chest aggressively, according to the YNN staffer.

I spoke with Kemble briefly this afternoon, and he told me Hinchey “put his hand on my throat” and then “realized what he had done and walked away.” The YNN shooter told me he did not witness this part of the altercation.

Here is the video of Maurice Hinchey telling the reporter to shut up.

Yet, it is the Tea Parties that the media is expecting all that violence from...

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