NPR and the Great Government Media Complex

by Les Carpenter
Rational Nation USA

Juan Williams was fired by NPR for having the honesty and truthfulness to say that which I would wager most Americans have felt since 911. The realities of the modern world support Williams concern and his statement. National Public Radio, financed by your taxpayer dollars as well as healthy contributions from the likes of Progressive Collectivist George Soros and other left wing nuts has an agenda. The mission? To take control of the air waves and supply increased left wing ideology and governmental indoctrination with increasing ferocity. Don't buy it, okay that is certainly each individuals choice. Just remember, you read it here first.

Now to the major point of this post. Why in the world is congress supplying even a penny of funding to a news organization? In a country where the founders, and presumably those who followed (including us today) believed in a free and independent press would such funding even be a consideration. How is it possible for government to talk about the evil influence of special interest money and yet supply funding for news outlets? Does this not create at least the appearance of "special interest?" Hm, government a special interest focused on increasing it's own ideological agenda. A crazy thought, perhaps. On the other hand maybe not.

Bureaucrats doling out taxpayer money to a particular news outlet or it's affiliates. Certainly seems to me this, at the very least, creates the potential for nefarious conduct by those controlling the levers of power in the federal bureaucracy. Of course this is America. Certainly not the old USSR, Communist North Korea, Iran, or any one of a number of nations with state run news and propaganda machines.

I understand the idea behind NPR was at the onset admirable. To give the public information that was objective and free from the potential taint made possible by a corporation interested in making money to survive. Today NPR has just proven itself far removed from that concept with the firing of Juan Williams, a man I did not agree with often but highly respected e for his professionalism and journalistic integrity.

NPR has become that which is should be vehemently opposed to. Lockstep political correctness. Certainly NPR stands against right wing political correctness. It is now glaringly obvious that it supports left wing political correctness. Without a doubt a biased and unenlightened political correct driven organization. NPR should be De-funded by Congress immediately.

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  1. Freedom of the Press was instituted in our constitution to take the role of watch dog over the government, not their lapdogs. The founding fathers would not only turn in the graves if they saw how much they're in bed with the politcal machine today, they would vomit. We, with a few minor exceptions and talk radio, no longer have an independent press, but prodva on steroids. After all, if the press is bias towards a certain party or poltical idealogy, then what good is the news that come from it? With out an INDEPENDENT and unbais, at least in principal, then we no longer get free flow of information but out and out propanganda. Like in 1984 Big Brother, you'll get get the same government doctrine: War is Peace, Slavery is Freedom and Ignorance is strength. Much of what the message are from our press right now only it's war against liberty, slavery to government entitlements and, well, free flow of information and knowedge is viewed as weak. So when a man speaks what we all think, those of with brains that work and identifies who are enemies really are then gets fired for it, by the government media complex, then we know that libterty is dying.

  2. madmath1 - Sadly it seems the majority of America either no longer understands, or give a care, about a free and objective independent press.

    I guess there are some benefits after all of approaching the senior years of one life.


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