Must I be a Citizen to Vote?

by Howard Towt, Anti-Republican Culture

A recent story (10/26/2010) from the Arizona Daily Star reports that the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals has struck down Arizona’s requirement that individuals show proof of citizenship when registering to vote.

Can this be true? If you live in Arizona, you do not have to prove you are a U. S. citizen when you register to vote? Are you thinking, “This doesn’t make any sense. It must be true only in Arizona!”

I checked out the voter registration form in my home state of Colorado. Here is a link to a .PDF copy of the form we use.

Note that the Colorado Voter Registration Form requires you to state that you are a citizen, but it does not require you to prove you are a citizen. When you come to vote, you simply bring a copy of a recent electricity bill showing you live where you say you live, and you can vote.

Doesn’t that seem a little awkward? Colorado wants to confirm the jurisdiction in which you reside, but not whether you are a citizen of the country!

And we are not alone. Across the USA, this is one of those “litmus test” issues.

Do you believe in the sanctity of the voting process in America? If so, you are probably a Republican.

(Ed's note: Thanks to Howard for drawing attention to this issue. Please support his efforts and bookmark Anti-Republican Culture.)

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  1. How about here in California where we don't even confirm you live in the district that you say you do. Just have to give your name and if it's on the list, you vote. Heck, I've seen what look like illegals being bussed to polling places before, so here we don't even hide the election fraud.


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