Morning Beat at Left Coast Rebel: Everthing that is Disparity today

By Sam Foster

I find that Tuesday's are the best days to address all the disparities in life.  Here is a taste of all the disparity out there this morning.

Heaven forbid Steven Hawkins make more than me.  Name that disparity?  Of course, ruling class excluded.

How about a little disparity in objectivity?

Something, something, something…DARK SIDE…an analogy with a tragic disparity in accuracy.

No disparity of opportunity in my home state New York

Thanks to a disparity of support from its members, Boxer's endorsement vanished

A disparity in public observation or tax cut fail for the ONE?

Call it a disparity in patience for punning

Media's disparity of reality?  This from a Democrat insider on O'Donnell?

It's an honor to be linked by Soros backed, disparity in truth-telling Media Matters (ok a bit of a stretch for my disparity theme)

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