Moonbeam panders..

(posted by The War Planner)

Sent to me in an email by "Pansy Law", this is a rather shocking piece of footage taken from the Friday night rally at UCLA where Jerry "Moonbeam" Brown speaks to his goals fof the UC system's admission when he's elected governor:

Brown Pledges Special College Admission for Illegals. ‘One of First Bills I’ll Sign’

Again, hat tip to the anonymous source for the link to this posted over at Breitbart.



  1. Scary! And also sad that this IDIOT promises an education to people, who may want a formal education, but aren't equipped emotionally, financially, or intellectually for the process. In the end, that dear sweet person who wants so much will just be decimated by sure failure.

    Jerry should be forced to spend endless days and hours in remedial classes learning how to teach these young people how to study, what dicipline is about, and how the WORK ethic plays into the long run of education.

    Also, sounded like the background enthusiam wasn't so enthusiatic?

  2. Let him try to teach these "undocumented" students. Most don't want it, but will take it if given to them. All I know when I was teaching, they weren't interested in learning but making threats and racial epitats at me. This man is a fool, and what does me mean by qualifies since White males are less qualified already?


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