Live by the Sword, Die by.......

by the Left Coast Rebel

"Write-in" Lisa Murkowski is being hoist on her own petard in Alaska's senate race.

Journolister Ben Smith has the details:

Just hours before the final deadline, more than 100 Alaskans came out Thursday to file as write-in candidates in an effort to thwart Sen. Lisa Murkowski's bid to retain her Senate seat.

At the urging of a local talk radio host, scores of people signed up to be write-in candidates with the Alaska Division of Elections before registration closed. ...

Alaska Division of Elections Director Gail Fenumiai confirmed that at least 100 people filed as write-in candidates. Fenumiai said early Friday morning that she could not give a specific number yet of how many candidates signed up with a name similar to "Lisa Murkowski" because she had not seen all of their names yet.

Dan Fagan, who hosts a popular conservative radio talk show in Anchorage, said that after one listener called in to say he was registering as a write-in candidate, he encouraged others to do the same.

That's pretty funny! As my title here alludes, live by the sword, die by the sword. Man, oh man, how I want Joe Miller to win this race. I found the list that Journolister-Smith mentions, heralded as a last minute effort to "thwart" Murkowski's rejection of Alaska primary voter's will and protect her ruling class status.

There's got to be over a hundred! Here's one in particular. Do you really think that Lisa M.'s last name is "Lackey"? :

Lisa M. Lackey (Republican) - Write-in
Check out the list here. Via Memeorandum.


  1. I have been laughing about this all morning long. My goodness, this election has been so much fun, in so many ways!

  2. This is truly a thing of beauty. It will be even more beautiful if it works.

  3. I'm Murkowski! No, I'm Murkowski! He's Murkowski! Wait, She's Murkowski! That one's Murkowski!

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